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HR with Technology… HR Software

This year, we are celebrating 20 years of our journey in HR space! All our business processes and efforts during the last two decades were driven on innovatively thinking; “How can we make a difference in talent and people management”. Thinking through these lines, Microimage has been able to design/architect our HR Software solutions and continuously optimize the software to stay in line with changing business and HR requirements of corporates.

Microimage HRIS has enabled transformation in businesses, through employee self-service, recruitment software and employee compensation/ benefits management facilities included in the software. We have also assisted our clients to drive their talent management practices with the performance management and training and development modules facilitated in Microimage HR software.

During these 20 years, we have reached a great milestone by winning the trust of over 600 customers across Asia and Middle East in varied industries. Our expertise in rolling-out our enterprise class HR software in this international client list has proven an important remark; Technology is key for any business process including in the process that manages the most important facet in the organization; PEOPLE!

We realized that business agility can be achieved with an informed work strategy that can be executed by driven employees, and this caliber of employees can be created with a well thought out HR Strategy. A prudent and strategic HR strategy can be successfully drawn with the assistance of technology… The technology solutions in conjunction with the strategic and operational HR needs will instigate proper practices for payroll processing, performance management, recruitment, training and development, employee self-service and many other HR functions. Such integration of tech with HR processes is the ideal way to create the aspired workforce who will positively, energetically drive corporate excellence and transformation.

Our mission during the past 20 years have been to help our clients create and manage that workforce and our efforts will continue to grow into a whole new level by enhancing efficiency of HR organizations with our HR software! Visit for more details.

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