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Human Capital Management- Your Role as a Manager needs to be focused on TRAINING and DEVELOPING Employees!

Skilled managers have become critical to the success of companies today. This is because managers play a pivotal role in talent management. Diplomatic managers can attract and convert prospective candidates into employees, drive performance, engagement and retention, and play a key role in improving employees’ contribution to the organization success. Poor managers who cannot play this role will only become an unnecessary cost to the company. They will not be able to acquire and retain rich talent; existing employees also will not realize their potential in the company.

Candidates who join organizations at any level are concerned with opportunities for learning and development than any other aspect of a prospective job. Hence managers should realize the importance of establishing “Learning” as a key strategy to create a sustainable career. The vast majority of learning and development takes place on the job—through new challenges and assignments (this needs to include constructive feedback and mentoring) and not through formal training programs. This often makes the managers the most important developers in the company.

Managers also have a big impact on turnover and retention. Mostly, the reason for employees to quit their jobs is the poor relationship with their immediate superior/ manager. No one wants to work for a boss who doesn’t take an interest in their development, doesn’t help them sharpen their skills and learn new ones.

Becoming a great developer of employees requires managers to focus on “How can I accelerate performance of my team members while helping them grow?” The best managers ask, “How can we harness employee strengths, interests and passions to create greater value to the firm and to the individual employee’s career. Systematically linking organizational performance and individual development goals and identifying the learning opportunities through that process, will help organizations to develop/ maintain sustainable careers.

The Human Capital Management Solution developed by Microimage helps companies to conduct a systematic Training Need Analysis, which will foster the culture we discussed above and help managers mentor and retain the efficient workforce within the company. The Learning Management Module in Microimage HCM gives you the;

  • Ability to identify training needs from the individuals to the enterprise level
  • Ability to the divisional managers to identify training needs at the divisional level
  • Ability to the divisional managers to identify the training needs of the individuals (employees) within the division.

We invite you to visit for more details on our Learning Management Module and other modules in the HRIS. The assistance given for employees to pursue learning goals needs to be supported with regular feedback/ conversations. This will make the learning process much more effective which in turn strengthens employee commitment.

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