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Human Resource Management for Business Excellence!

We have been discussing the importance of transforming the role of HR throughout our blog. Our philosophy was built through our own experience in the Human Capital Management domain during the last 20 years, underpinned with research findings of prominent research bodies in the world.

A new HR model that creates higher impact and delivers long lasting value to businesses is a growing need today. Hence, further discussion and analysis will be required on the following;

  1. What are the elements in this new model of HR?
  2. What can HR departments and Enterprises together expect from this new model of HR?

Just like how Finance, Marketing, Procurement, Administration, Operations departments have their own responsibilities.Human Resource Management departments also have a unique set of responsibilities. Amongst those responsibilities is to combine business leadership skills, people management skills and HR performance.

Human Resource Management function/ department should give more rigour and analysis into identifying the changing leadership skills & people management skills required in the organization which will keep mentoring and improving talent to a new level. Identification of such skills should trigger relevant “leadership skill development programs”. These programs will outline and explain the leadership of the company as to how they should align their thinking, improve their mentoring/leadership skills to better understand the next-gen workforce. Better leadership and mentoring offered to the workforce will help the company identify the better performers, thus giving an indication as to which employees should be retained.

Further, the new model of HR requires improved Human Resource Management performance to be merged with the above leadership & people management skills. One productive way of accelerating HR performance is implementation of HR software which will assist the HR team perform all operational HR functions through the software. It also facilitates the implementation of strategic HR functions through performance management software, succession planning, recruitment software and training and development systems integrated into the HRIS.

HR software that includes facilities to process ay HR function will give the HR team the required time and effort to practically support the leadership team to enhance their skills and use those to build the sustaining link between the leadership and workforce.

We request our readers to await our next post which will discuss how this new model of HR will actually benefit an enterprise.

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