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2016 is close at hand… figured out whether your employees have progressed to a satisfactory level or not? Were you able to identify what motivates them to achieve that extra mile in their related role?

In the New Year, you should look in as to how you can improve their level of positive attitudes towards their organization. This may depend on building a strong, supportive and interactive corporate culture.

If you look at your culture in the organization, do you find it supportive for the employees to grow and develop? Does it encourage them to think out of the box and believe that they can contribute more than they are doing currently? Despite of where your organization stands right now, there are incentives which will help to empower your employees to stay ahead of the game.

HR leaders act a major role in fine tuning the organization culture. They are responsible in maintaining high standards in behaviour and improving work ethics. Hence providing training will ensure that the employees are following and maintaining the required standards and ethics which are expected by the organization.

Creating a collaborative environment in the organization would also lead to motivating employees to work more efficiently in an organization. At the recruitment stage it is not possible to realize whether the particular applicant would fit into the relevant organizational culture. Therefore, the leaders have the chance to make their employees, team players. They can be engaged in groups with open communication practices and train them to handle pressure during fluctuations in the organization.

Improve employee engagement will inculcate positive vibes within the organization as they will be occupied and more committed towards what they are doing instead of idling. To put this into action, the managers can offer effective feedback on employee’s work and provide means for them to improve further. Thus, your organization would be a preferable place for employees to work up to their full potential.

Creating this engaging and collaborative workplace and creating productive conversations between superiors and employees… these would be the possible transformative strategies HR departments should draw in the future. HR software vendors have already taken this notion into consideration when developing unique HRMS / HRIS solutions. These HR software solutions include comprehensive talent management systems that enable organizations establish proper performance management and training and development processes. Such processes can help organizations determine the aspects on which employees need to be trained and determine competencies they need to develop to fit into the aspired collaborative workplace.

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