Leveraging the Learning Ecosystem with HR Software!

Learning and development is becoming an imperative in any enterprise. Employees are looking for training programs that will prepare them for the next position! Recent research shows that employees are allocating 4 -5 times more time on self-learning & development than the time they invest in the training programs organized by the HR departments. Why is this happening? Why do employees try to find solutions to bridge their knowledge gaps through search engines/ books/ videos/ journal articles/ blogs rather than requesting HR to give them the required training? This could be due to the reason that they do not see the expected content in the training programs organized and planned by HR. Maybe these training programs do not deliver the expected level of details to employees need to completely learn what they need!

HR professionals have 2 options to resolve this challenge;

  1. Change habits and preferences of employees (This is indeed challenging!)
  2. Change how Enterprise Learning works (This could be a viable option)

It is understood that we hardly can change the attitudes, expectation and preferences of employees. So let’s look at the doable solution- to revamp how enterprise training works!

This is where HR software and its capability to organize Training and Development needs to be discussed. As we highlighted before, employees drive their own development. They require speedy solutions for queries they have and comprehensive details on strategies they should follow. When they do not obtain the quality of information they expect, they tend to put more time and effort on self-learning which cuts down the time they can actually invest in work to deliver business results.

Training and Development software which is included in the HRIS will help companies mitigate these learning challenges while performing other HR functions. Learning Management added to a HR system;

  • Setting online training recommendations/ nominations
  • Enables participant notifications
  • Enables logistics notifications
  • Allows capturing attendance details
  • Enables final training evaluation
  • Facilitates knowledge sharing/ tracking effectiveness of training sessions etc.

These features ensure the training system would become more organized. It also promises participants will obtain expected training/ knowledge and improved their knowledge (this can be gauged through evaluations). Also, having this training and development system integrated with the HRMS helps utilizing T&D details for processes such as performance appraisals.

Visit mihcm.com today to discover how learning management is effectively blended into HR software!

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