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Microimage HCM Asia Says Success of HCM Solutions all Down to Strategic Alignment, Technology and Execution

Microimage HCM Asia, partner of Asia-based OMESTI Group, took the stage alongside leading HR professionals at the HR Technology Congress in Kuala Lumpur this week. The theme of the Congress focused on HR as an asset class, technology as an enabler in the HR spectrum and HCM for boosting productivity, engagement and speed.

Suren Rupasinghe, COO of Microimage, flew in from Sri Lanka to take part in one of the panel sessions on the future of HR technology. The session looked at technologies that today’s HR professionals require and was led by Mei-Lynn Chan, EVP and Head, Human Capital Group Technology for Maybank.

Suren highlighted, “HCM solutions are all about people. One of the key factors for success therefore of any HCM solution is implementation. You need have the right strategic alignment and the right execution to deliver to the end user. Maximising technology to ensure that delivery is essential.”

The panellists also discussed the role of data analytics and how technology is being used in HR to help the business grow and add value. Participants at the event included senior executives from leading corporations such as Maxis, Shell, PwC, Pfizer, GE and SM Investments.

Allan Pillai, General Manager of Microimage HCM Asia, based in Kuala Lumpur, said, “This event provides a good platform for us to network with senior executives from some of the country’s leading organisations and demonstrate the capabilities of our HCM solutions.”

Under the partnership with OMESTI, Microimage Asia is bringing innovative technology to companies in the region to help them streamline their people management systems and establish HR as the game changing enterprise-wide function.

The Microimage Asia HCM suite is available as an on-premise version that provides medium- to large-scale enterprises with 14 integrated modules to deliver significant cost and operational efficiencies. These modules help facilitate human resource planning, recruitment, retention and development. The integrated platform enables a streamlined enterprise approach to payroll administration, employee records, benefits management, time management and more. It is also available as a kiosk based system that is ideally suited to manufacturing and factory environments.

A cloud-based Social Performance Management System – – is also available, providing an informative and interactive social feed, capturing goals assigned to employees along with comments posted by peers and superiors on progress.

Recognising the specific needs of SMEs, the portfolio is also available as HCM SaaS, an online, cloud-based HR management platform that offers the same features as the enterprise version but tailored to SME operations.

Microimage has implemented HR solutions for over 600 customers across many industry verticals, delivering significant cost advantages for these firms. The company has extended its product range to leverage the power of cloud, mobile and social technologies.

Photo: Suren Rupasinghe, COO of Microimage says strategic alignment, technology and execution are key to success in HCM solutions [Courtesy Grant Corban]


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