10 Important Questions Answered When Shifting to HR Software

10 important questions answered when buying HR software

Okay, let’s start with an exercise.   Instead of drowning in paperwork, imagine your HR team soaring through tasks with the agility of a digital eagle.   Imagine real-time data at your fingertips, offering insights as clear as a mountaintop sunrise.   Imagine a system that empowers employees, streamlines processes and scales effortlessly as your business grows. This […]

8 Ultimate Reasons to Invest in an Online Payroll System

Online payroll system

Let’s face it. Paychecks matter.   Sure, we chase passion but let’s not pretend rent doesn’t have a say in where we channel our fire.   Payroll department – it’s where the silent heroes of your business live, the cash-flow ninjas ensuring your employees are paid accurately and on time.  But in today’s ever-evolving business landscape, employee […]

Streamline The Workforce Operations With The HR Software

Human Resource Management Software in the Digital World: Streamlining Workforce Operations

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance their operations and stay ahead of the competition. One area that has witnessed a significant transformation is Human Resource Management. The advent of Human Resource management software has revolutionized the way companies handle their workforce, bringing about greater efficiency, accuracy, and […]

7 Easy Tips To Boost Workplace Productivity

7 Easy Tips To Boost Workplace Productivity 17

Your boss wanted that report yesterday. Your colleague requires your help with that project proposal, and you still have a pile of work to finish. In today’s fast-paced business landscape, riddled with constant distractions and increasing demands, boosting employee productivity is a top priority for organisations that want immediate and outstanding results. A productive workforce […]

Elevate your Small Business with the MiHCM Lite Digital HR Solution

Elevate your Small Business with the MiHCM Lite Digital HR Solution 27

As a small business owner, you may have limited resources to manage your HR and employee-related tasks. But with MiHCM Lite, you can streamline your HR processes and simplify your HR management, so you can focus on growing your business. MiHCM Lite is a cloud-based HR management solution that is designed specifically for small and […]

Simplify your HR activities in the Digital World

Simplify your HR activities for a better work life with MiHCM

From the hiring to the retirement of an employee, every HR team needs to be on their toes when managing the company’s HR activities without any errors. To do so, there are various activities the HR team must be mindful of to create the ideal workplace environment for its staff and management. Amidst the current […]

Workforce Productivity: a mouthful for businesses across the world.

Workforce productivity for better business growth!

With the global economy still adjusting to the long-term economic effects of the pandemic, businesses across the world are being faced with several common challenges. The main concern relates to maximising workforce productivity while getting employees to work from secure remote locations, as employees continue to demand Work-from-home and flexible working options. Amidst this backdrop, […]

Adopting to the new normal with Face Recognition devices

Adopting to the new normal with Face Recognition devices 34

  2020, unlike any other year, shook the entire world with the spread of Covid-19 virus which was later labelled as a global pandemic. It took the world by storm and we can bluntly say that neither did anyone foresee this situation nor prepared for any of those challenges which came their way uninvitedly.   […]

How we enabled our workforce at MiHCM to work from home

How we enabled our workforce at MiHCM to work from home 36

COVID-19 is impacting everyone around the world and every aspect of our daily lives: our social interactions, our family life, our communities, and, of course, how all of us work. At MiHCM, we are working to do our part by ensuring the safety of our employees while extending our service to the valued customers and partners […]

Can Digital HR help Attract and Retain People?

Can Digital HR help Attract and Retain People? 45

Business processes keep embracing digital transformation through social, mobile, analytics and cloud technology, which makes HR automation increasingly popular. Thus can the human resources organisations be far behind? It is a known fact their HR teams to do just that.   The C level leaders are ready to alter their talent strategies, by letting HR […]