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How we enabled our workforce at MiHCM to work from home

How we enabled our workforce at MiHCM to work from home 1

COVID-19 is impacting everyone around the world and every aspect of our daily lives: our social interactions, our family life, our communities, and, of course, how all of us work. At MiHCM, we are working to do our part by ensuring the safety of our employees while extending our service to the valued customers and partners across South Asia and South East Asia. (MiHCM’s Protective Measures Against the New Coronavirus) We have shifted all our employees to working online, striving to protect the health and well-being of the communities in which we operate while continuing our business consistently.


This is how we enabled our entire regional workforce to shift to an online working model during this outbreak!


The Shift!


On 13th March, MiHCM management decided to switch the entire workforce including teams in Sri Lanka and Malaysia to work from home with immediate effect. All our Sri Lankan employees in regional bases were brought back on time to Sri Lanka, and from Monday 16th March the entire company switched to working from home.


How did we manage to shift our operation to an absolute online mode overnight? Back in 2017, we communicated to all our employees that MiHCM will become a complete digital company by 2020 by digitizing all internal systems used by each team; thus, we switched all on premise operational systems to cloud and aggressively adopted cloud technology. We as a company to outside world advocate Digital Transformation and we were one of the first in the world to release a true cloud Digital HR solution ( back in 2017. MiHCM’s aspiration in this age is to become the advocate to our global clientele on becoming a digital workplace and share our vision towards a FUTURE OF WORK. This aspiration keeps demanding us to make sure we champion in what we advocate.


Our approach towards #WFH: Working from Home


Day-to-day Communication and Collaboration


How we enabled our workforce at MiHCM to work from home 2


We at MiHCM use a range of tools and platforms for communication, collaboration, HR, project management, support services, partner management, Finance and Sales and Marketing. The most essential tools we use across our company are: our very own MiHCM digital HR platform to manage our HR needs and Microsoft Teams for effective communication and collaboration.


How we enabled our workforce at MiHCM to work from home 3

Every department in MiHCM is heavily using Microsoft teams to create channels for internal collaboration, organize meetings with clients and partners, knowledge sharing/brainstorming sessions, and even deliver product demonstrations to prospective clients in the region. We also use Microsoft Outlook to communicate with our clients and partners.


Furthermore, all our colleagues in MiHCM use MiHCM HR on Microsoft Teams to check-in/out, apply leave, check leave balance, submit timesheets on work they accomplished, view pay slips and to reach out to our HR folks for various HR service requests. Besides Microsoft Teams, we use SharePoint to store, share and preview digital documents/content of MiHCM, letting our teams access content from anywhere anytime.



Project Management

How we enabled our workforce at MiHCM to work from home 4

While we work from home, we assure to sustain the commitment given to our clients. Our clientele spans across South Asia and South East Asia and we use many platforms to ensure consistent project management to deliver every project milestone on time.


Our Project managers and their teams use Microsoft Projects to monitor the progress of project timelines and milestones. The projects team also uses Asana work management tool to continuously collaborate with our product engineering front and share/follow up milestones associated with product engineering. Usage of these tools have empowered our projects team to coordinate project requirements with internal teams and complete implementation on time.


MiHCM Helpdesk

How we enabled our workforce at MiHCM to work from home 5


MiHCM receives our clients’ feedback, complaints and support tickets to the MiHCM Helpdesk. Our team uses Freshdesk platform to draw these support tickets from the MiHCM helpdesk, resolve each complaint and communicate the solution. Freshdesk has enabled our support team to respond to clients and solve their issues on the dot, complying well with the MiHCM SLA.


Managing Finance & Business Operations

How we enabled our workforce at MiHCM to work from home 6

Our finance and business operations team is geared to work remotely as they use many cloud applications including the cloud based ERP (Bileeta Entution Cloud ERP), invoicing system (MiHCM Billing Platform) and even few online platforms to manage local statutory payments. Their tasks including the dispatch of digital invoices to clients, receiving online payments from clients and processing statutory payments are completely managed through these cloud/online systems, setting pace for uninterrupted remote work.


MiHCM Partner Program


How we enabled our workforce at MiHCM to work from home 7

Our team who brings together an ecosystem of global partners is using Microsoft teams every day to connect with partners and provide them support to sell MiHCM successfully in their respective markets. Additionally, this team is using a homegrown online partner portal to host legal and marketing collateral for partners. This portal is also used to create and manage sales funnels of every partner, enabling our team to continuously monitor the sales performance of each partner.


MiHCM Sales and Marketing

How we enabled our workforce at MiHCM to work from home 8

MiHCM Marketing works with a focus to furnish product information and HR industry insights/trends to a global clientele; therefore, the product website, other marketing literature has been localized to the markets we operate in. These localised web pages are designed on WordPress which gives us the flexibility to reach the backend of sites, refresh content, alter & improve SEO tactics while working from home. Our Sales team benefits from Hubspot; our Cloud CRM tool to create and manage their sales funnel and draw sales projections for the future.


We are steadfast in our mission to improve collaboration and engagement of our workforce, and we have successfully embraced the new model of work during this chaotic period. We are proud of how we are adapting our mindset and utlising above tools & platforms which allow us to connect the dots by bringing together clients, an ecosystem of partners, and keep our workforce equipped to serve them.


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