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Is Learning Management growing into a New Phase?

Recent global research findings on employee learning management understand few key insights;

• Over 84% of respondents to a global research sight learning as important /very important issue.
• Employees at all levels expect self-learning, dynamic and continuous learning approaches from companies.
• Despite the intense shift in learning supported with advance technology, HR organizations are still struggling with internally developed out-dated learning delivery mechanisms.

Corporate learning units are moving from mere education facilitators to content curators. The new learning organization will create an engaging learning experience to employees using mobile and digital technology. Ultimate purpose is to make learning an on-going function, not another static exercise that happens only during orientation.
Pressure on HR and business leaders to improve the learning management practices are intensifying. Shifts in generations, demographics, advance technology, changing needs of the new generation employees are disrupting learning management function. Such changes in the business environment are forcing organizations to reinvent learning delivery and management.

We often speak to industry leaders, refer to global research to understand the changing nature of HR and employee behaviour. Business leaders continuously complain that they don’t develop new business skills fast enough. If we are operating with an out-dated skill set in today’s highly competitive business world, we would obviously lose our edge faster than we think.

Employees are in charge of L&D, not HR!

Increasing use of mobile devices makes learning potentially available for anyone anywhere. Learning has become consumer-centric with internet and mobile… you can find a course online, sign up, watch expert videos and develop the skills you want. There are no time tables, registration fees, documentation to other nightmares which restricts learning. Mobile apps enabling learning let people take/share MOOC courses and videos which contributes to employee engagement and creates an exciting learning experience.

Learning is no more a function that happens only during employee orientation or probation. Its effectiveness influences recruitment, succession, performance assessments and even the strategic HR decisions of an organization. A consumer-centric learning process is a definite way to attract talent to organizations who would aspire to join organizations to continuously learn and develop.

Systematic learning management will help employees to develop new skills and competencies, thus getting qualified to shift to the succession pipeline. Learning management focused on strong employee development will have clear influences on enhanced employee performance.

We’ve frequently discussed how the workforce is increasingly getting populated with millennials. This generation certainly demands the self-learning experience and environment. They expect learning to be another part of their work and personal lives. Chances of them leaving organizations are high if this environment is not provided.

While some organizations are contemplating and confused on how to adapt to these changes, some forward-thinking companies are upending the traditional learning models. They will progressively foster the new learning culture supported with mobile and digital technology. Such adaption will help them not only find the best talent, but to retain them!

Reach out to us to understand how Learning Management and Delivery is reinvented!

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