MiHCM Core

Comprehensive Employee Profiles

All details of your workforce will be recorded on one single screen in MiHCM. Administrators and employees can view, and refine employee details including qualifications, contact details, skills and work experience.

Manage Employee Movements with MiHCM

Track the complete employee life cycle/employee movements within the workplace. This includes the processing of employee transfers, promotions, terminations and retirements to other movements through a simplified experience.

Document Creation and Maintenance made easy

Produce, make changes and maintain formal letters in your HR system. HR is given the facility to extract employee information from the MiHCM employee profile to generate letters conveniently.

Visualise Your Organisation Details

Illustrate and access the entire organisation chart, classifying all business entities (Companies, departments, etc.) and view direct and cross functional reporting lines across entities via the Employee Chart.

MiHCM Core
Employee Self-Service

Employee Experience

Manage Leave

Enable employees to apply for leave, cancel leave requests and preview the leave history and allocation.

Manage your needs around Time Attendance

Leverage the MiHCM employee experience capabilities to request shift changes, time changes, shift exchanges. View your timesheet with in/out times in both web and mobile experiences.

Keep Information Current

Self-service functionality enables your workforce to update their work, personal skills, qualifications, achievements and other information, keeping it accurate and relevant.

MiHCM Mobile

HR Management on the move

Approve HR requests on the fly - The best tool for travelling managers to make quick and wise HR decisions.

Leave Application

Apply for leave, check leave balance, view team leave and history on your preferred device.

Mobile Attendance Tracking

Enable employees to check in/out from any location. The mobile app uses GPS to tag locations to the check in/out times.

Social Activity Feed

Receive updates on your mobile related to work anniversaries, employee birthdays, workplace achievements and more.

Notice Board

Allow your workforce to view the internal job advertisements/announcements/company policies posted on the noticeboard, right from their mobile.

Time And Atetndance

Time and attendance

Efficient Time Tracking

Establish a hassle free system for attendance tracking to manage workforce leave and absence. Draw insights for HR decisions and track attendance records for automated payroll calculations.

Powerful Insights for attendance related HR Decisions

Derive access to attendance records concerning employee attendance, absenteeism and late hours of a selected country/location through beautiful analytics. Analyse these trends using an interactive chart for better HR decision making. MiHCM presents a broader attendance analysis based on job categories, age groups, service period and leave type/reason.

Rostering and Attendance Management

Manage complex rosters, midnight crossover shifts, overtime and other attendance records of your workforce with MiHCM.

Mobile Enabled Attendance Tracking

This configurable feature can be enabled for employees to mark their attendance using the MiHCM mobile app.


Convenient Payroll Processing

MiHCM offers a simplified interface to have complete control over defining pay items and their statutory behavior in payroll calculations.

Seamlessly integrated payroll

MiHCM payroll will be seamlessly integrated with MiHCM Time attendance. The platform is compliant with changing statutory requirements and supports HR to process numerous transactions including loans, allowances and other deductions.

Insight into Payroll through reports

Gain access to reports including leave details, payslips, paysheets, attendance summary, payroll summary and EPF-ETF details with MiHCM.



Workforce Analytics for HR decisions

Retain a comprehensive set of employee records in MiHCM employee profile. This helps to obtain real time and actionable workforce analytics that support HR decisions.

Advanced Search for Smart Decisions

Filter employee search results based on numerous conditions including work, skills, industry experience, profile data, etc. through the Advanced search facility.