MiHCM The Digital dimension in HR reimagines the workplace experience


The demands on HR are rising every day and the range of solutions to meet such demands are growing exponentially. Engaging every stakeholder in the organization with HR has long been a major challenge and will continue to be so in the future. Enterprises need solutions that can handle both routine and strategic HR operations, while achieving better employee engagement in the workplace.


Where traditional spreadsheet-based analysis struggles to engage the “human” component in “human resource”, business leaders have already begun using advanced techniques beyond the spreadsheet to make more personalized and well-informed decisions for their employees. MiHCM is one such digital HR platform that automates HR and integrates data-driven decision-making and social elements into the operational fabric of the HR organization.


Microimage [as the company was known] began offering web-based eHR products in 2001 to a then-nascent employee engagement market. Back in 2015, when Microimage observed the business landscape shifting to the digital era, the company decided to completely re-design and develop its core offering to suit a digital workforce.


“By 2020, it’s estimated that over 50% of the global workforce is going to be tech-savvy, millennial generation, where the organizations need to reinvent and reimagine the way they attract, hire and manage talent leveraging digital technology” says Harsha Purasinghe- Microimage CEO. Now a fully-fledged HR and Talent Management platform, the solution enables enterprises of any scale across diverse industry verticals—banking and finance, manufacturing, startups, telecommunication, IT, education, and healthcare—to shift their legacy HR to the digital era.


MiHCM offers a range of unique benefits to HR professionals, business leaders and employees to elevate their HR experience. The platform has one of the most compelling user experiences across all functionalities, ranging from Core HR to Talent Management. The simplified core HR processes of MiHCM help HR to systemize a substantial degree of manual work. As a result, HR professionals can focus more on attracting and mentoring talent in the organization instead of being engaged in operational HR. It also provides talent insights for timely and accurate decision-making as well as helping to curtail operational HR costs.


MiHCM analytics replace manual reports with real-time and meaningful HR intelligence for business leaders to make informed decisions. The solution generates and graphically presents trend analysis, current or historical insights on employee life-cycle, attendance, performance, recruitment, training, engagement levels, attrition, and turnover, to other critical HR indicators.


In addition to the dashboards, MiHCM leverages Natural Language Query capability, empowering HR and business leaders to query and obtain structured information about people within a few seconds, instead of having to manually generate reports. These insights and query capabilities help enterprises create a modern workplace that drives on data rather than instinct.


The native mobile apps for iOS and Android helps empower a mobile-first workforce, as well as being able to enhance employee engagement with collaboration, social and feedback capabilities. The solution features a 24×7 employee HR assistant with “MIA” virtual HR assistant powered by BoT technology.


The degree of integrations supported by MiHCM is one of the key valued added benefits and provides seamless integration capabilities to third party systems via secure APIs. Identity integrations are also provided via Microsoft Active Directory, Google and SAML. Moreover, MiHCM is now integrated with many Microsoft products, other global applications and document management systems, enabling companies to leverage the digital functionality of MiHCM to centralize HR processes.


In early 2019, Microimage HCM Cloud was officially rebranded to MiHCM, broadening its wide-reaching channel partner network further across the Asia Pacific Region and beyond. Today, the company already boasts a strong partner network across Australia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippines, Maldives and Pakistan. MiHCM envisions expanding its global reach while enhancing the functionality with most advance technology to meet rising demands in the global HR landscape.


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