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Microimage HCM to unveil latest HR innovations at HCM Connect 2013

By : MiHCM | Reporter

Microimage,the leader in Human Capital Management (HCM) software solutions will showcase its latest human resources technology innovations at HCM Connect 2013, scheduled to be held in Colombo early next month.HCM Connect 2013 is the second successive HR technology showcase event of the company. Themed ‘Experience a Social Evening’, the company will unveil some of its latest innovative work in the Human Resource Technology space at this event.

“Microimage HCM Connect has now become Sri Lanka’s premier HR technology showcase. We are proud to take the leadership to create this annual event, which showcases best HR practices delivered through innovative HR software and services,“ said Harsha Purasinghe, CEO of Microimage. “Every year we unfold our latest work in the HR technology space, and we are super excited this year to share our latest work which aligns with modern day practices. Some of this year’s new products and services will help organizations manage their human capital more effectively and to deliver modern HR services to the entire workforce thus keeping everyone happy and productive,” Purasinghe further stated.

The company is widening its presence internationally with dedicated partners who provide a variety of HR solution offerings to suit the demanding client needs across many industry verticals. The company recently achieved major success with its partner in Maldives by securing five key contracts in the island nation.

“We are building a strong partner network in the region to provide various solutions to clients based on their diverse requirements. Also together with our regional partners we have already localized the product to suit many regional countries,” said Suren Rupasinghe, Head of HCM Business at Microimage. “All our key partners in the region attend this HCM Connect event and last year we even had our inaugural HCM Connect event in Maldives.”

Apart from delivering the product through on-premise managed service deployments, Microimage is now intensifying its efforts on the cloud delivery model. With a number of clients across the region already using HCM SaaS cloud offering, the company has built yet another new product which will deliver as a SaaS offering on the cloud, which to be unveiled this year.

Microimage established its HRIS software by launching the first ever 100% web based HRIS product in 2001 to the Sri Lankan market. Since then the company has expanded its horizons and positioned itself as one of the leading HCM technology providers in the region by catering to a vast clientele in a multitude of industry landscapes.

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