Core HR

Seamless Workforce management

Digital Employee Information

Comprehensive Digital Employee Profiles

All your employee details displayed on a single, elegant screen. View, add and modify employee details such as qualifications, contact details, skills and work experience.

Detailed workforce analytics for better HR decisions.

Maintain a comprehensive set of employee records. Deliver actionable workforce analytics that support HR decisions

Employee-related events in a single, chronological timeline

Easily view employee-related events such as transfers, performance, workplace milestones and trainings in an expandable timeline.

Integration with HR Modules

Seamless integration of employee data with other areas of our Comprehensive HR system (such as Performance, Learning, Time & Attendance)

HR Lifecycle Management

Manage Employee Movement

Track various employee movement on a single system. Manage employee onboarding, transfers, promotions, terminations and retirements through a unified and simplified experience.

Comprehensive Resignation and Clearance Process

From resignation requests all the way to employee deactivation, the system is able to handle it. The system allows to conduct exit interviews, modify reporting lines, collect issued items and more.

Generate Letters & Maintain Documents

Document Creation and Maintenance made easy

Generate, modify and maintain formal letters in the HR system without the need to use separate systems for documentation. Dynamically pull the information related to the employee, making document creation even easier.

Document Storage

Store documents pertaining to employees in respective document categories with easy search capability. Integrate with 3rd party document management systems.

Visualise The Organisation Hierarchy

Visualise Your Organisation Details

Draw and access the complete organisation chart, detailing all business entities (Companies, departments, etc.).

Legislative Compliance

Build global organisation charts by tagging each organization entity to their relevant legislative entities, ensuring that entities adhere to local labour legislations and regulations.

Deeper Visibility

Utilise the organisation chart to drill down and determine employee headcounts, new recruits and manpower gaps.

Employee Chart

Navigate around the employee chart to browse through profiles and job descriptions of employees working in any entity. View direct/cross functional reporting lines across entities. Paint a clear picture of the reporting hierarchy.

Employee Self-Service for Better Engagement

Interactive Activity Feeds

Get instant updates for activities related to performance milestones, learning, leave, birthdays, work anniversaries, and more from the rest of your organisation.

Keep Information Current

Self-service capabilities allow your employees to conveniently update their work, personal, skills, qualifications, achievements and other information, keeping it relevant.

Leave and History Records

Manage leave requests with the ability to track leave history and leave allocation.

Quick Alerts

Receive notifications on absenteeism, new staff, resigned staff, birthday alerts and etc.

Use widgets to get things done

Customise your home screen with your "essential" widgets. Bring the most used widgets to the top, allowing you to see quick information and make approvals quickly without having to even leave your home page.

Core HR