Digital HR supporting Performance Management

Our Digital HR solution is to optimize a pivotal process in businesses- People Management… thus we meet a major audience of HR leaders, CXOs and prominent business leaders often.

We engage in lengthy conversations &debates with them to understand and articulate how businesses should add value to human capital. The hot button topic in these conversations was performance management.

People talk, write and analyze performance management at fevered speed. While some are criticizing the negative impact of traditional performance management, some are exploring new performance management techniques.

Traditional performance management measures and techniques are dying as we speak. We predict an enormous trend in performance management would crest this year. This new wave of performance management is quite profound as it adds a strategic perspective to managing employee performance.

  1. We are looking at a performance management system to encourage employee development.
  2. The new tool would cut down complexities in existing performance management practices
  3. The new technique is something we’ve been looking for decades. Next gen performance management would not only reward employees for past performance, but encourage others to outperform

New tools will add social capabilities to the performance management process. This will enable both employees and superiors share continuous feedback on progress. Such continuous feedback is a definite driver of employee development.

Performance appraisals today are a definite nightmare with forms to fill, hours of one-to-one discussions between employees and superiors.  The new age performance management removes these difficulties by assessing employee performance continuously. Employees can update their progress on goals upon every milestone and superiors can assess these without waiting for the actual year-end review date! Isn’t that a better way of simplifying the performance reviews?

This new performance management experience is delivered with Digital HR software solutions! As we have discussed the importance of digital in HR, let’s not look at that today… instead we dedicated this post to enlighten how performance management could be reengineered with digital experience.

The most interesting element in performance management within a Digital HR experience is the PERFORMANCE ANALYTICS. Business leaders should be able to understand multiple performance insights, compare performers individually, analyze the performance levels of departments etc. through one single platform. This insight should not come from files and papers… but should be an automated/digitized outcome.

Integrated digital HR solutions makes the lives of business leaders much easier, with the ability to trace varied talent analytics through the HR system. Such productivity in the system ultimately results in efficient Human Capital Management decisions.

Trust we uncovered a gist of the importance of next gen performance management in our post. Visit our blog back soon to read more on performance management in a digital era.

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