Does a Learning Management Software help HR?

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Today, HR has a greater challenge to assist the business by improving skills and competency levels of employees in all departments. This responsibility starting from team leaders, now have cascaded to HR.

HR professionals put endless efforts in organizing training programs and other activities to identify the training needs of every employee and train each individual to ensure they become competent to perform in their job roles.

As HR departments allocate major chunks of the budgets on training programs, they need to have a system in place to recognize the outcome of these training programs. Organizing or sending employees for ad-hoc training will only add costs to the company, where the outcome of those cannot be assured. How can HR assist the organization to roll-out a systematic training process?

At Microimage, we use the HCM Learning Management Software in the HCM suite to identify training needs, schedule training programs, estimate budgets, and even to determine how a training evaluation takes place subsequent to a program.

First, your training process needs to have a systematic start. HR, through its learning management system, should be able to carefully identify the training needs submitted to them by team leaders. A learning management software should enable team leaders to identify training needs of the respective department and have it recorded in the system, where HR will trace it. Further, HR should be able to generate training proposals and even estimate the budgets for every training program through the system and send those proposals for approval. This removes the manual effort involved in legacy employee training management systems.

Training calendar included in the system will show every training program planned within a specified period and HR will be able to track attendance of a selected training session. Typical challenge in legacy training management systems or manual efforts of organizing training is to assess the outcome of a program. Microimage HCM learning management software allows three types assessments, which helps to understand whether the training has actually given the expected expertise to the employee/s. As assessments, participants should be able to do a “Transfer of Learning”, or conduct a “Knowledge sharing session””, if not complete as assessment to showcase what they learned from the training session.

Conducing training assessments in a traditional/manual training management system is definitely a daunting challenge for HR. In these traditional systems, having to chronicle the outcomes shared by employees is a definite nightmare.
Why not complete this entire process through a learning management software which ultimately saves your time and efforts? Isn’t a system of this nature ideal for HR to make training management more systematic? Explore more on  

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