What drives the replacement of dated HR Systems?

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The prediction for 2016 in the HR space is massive as an emerging class of digital technology is encouraging companies to shift from legacy, licensed HR software towards integrated HR software solutions on cloud.

According to recent research, this transition is apparent and clear as companies endeavor to modernize existing HR systems with digital and cloud technology.

Why do these companies consider shifting their HR systems from traditional licensed versions to a cloud software? Research proves that ease of use and need for integrated data and analytics are the two key reasons. HR organizations are waking up to the challenge of building “systems of engagement” and instigating systems that drives organizations to operate based on analytics and insights.

What is predominantly required for a “system of engagement” is the intuitive user experience/ ease of use. Business leaders are increasingly researching on ways to maximize productivity by implementing easy-to-use systems and processes. Hence, we see how the usage of ERP solutions, CRM systems are increasing which streamlines finance, sales and marketing to other processes delivering maximum convenience to users. Isn’t it time for HR organizations also to embrace this transition and contemplate ways to raise engagement and productivity?

A cloud HR software which is designed and developed with rich user experience and intuitive interfaces will ideally attract employees/ users to the software and engage them better in routine HR functions. Employees of this generation who are more tech savvy than the Gen X are certainly searching for tools and systems developed on cloud as these systems deliver the expected degree of “ease of use”. A HR system developed with latest cloud and digital technology which incorporates social, mobile, analytics and cloud computing techniques would encourage today’s employees to be more inclined to the systems and manage their day-to-day HR tasks digitally.

Comprehensive workforce analytics with the ability to generate/query employee data, compare employee profiles, identify historic trends and even generate insights to identify potential trends is a definite motivator to shift to cloud HR software from legacy on-premise systems. Beautifully presented workforce analytics and ability to study/ predict future trends on human capital provide definite advantages to business leaders to make strategically important people decisions.

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