Why is goal setting important for your organization?

Every organization has an ultimate goal; which is to become successful. However, this primary goal cannot be achieved without the help of its people and decision makers. Just like how a house is built brick by brick, each employee contributes to the organization’s end goal by achieving the tasks given to them. This is why goal setting plays a major role in an organization.


Setting goals

Setting goals for your employees is not an easy task. Which is why the concept of SMART goals is followed by business leaders across the globe when assigning goals to the employees. Along with this concept, the latest features of Digital HR can provide a convenient and effective method of setting goals.

What are SMART goals? And how does Digital HR help an organization to set SMART goals for employees?


Why is goal setting important for your organization? 1Specific: Goals should be well-defined in order to explain to employees what is expected, when it is expected, and in what scope it is expected.

Measurable: Goals should cascade into milestones with the ability to track the progress of each milestone.

Attainable: The goal should be achievable with the employees’ current skills

Relevant: Goals should be relevant to drive the organization to success.

Time-bound: Goals should have a deadline where expectations can be met.

Digital HR provides the option of setting goals for an employee under a supervisor / Manager, where the deadlines and descriptions are mentioned clearly. It has the ability to add multiple milestones for a given goal, and can track the progress in real-time! Digital HR not only assigns goals to employees, but also helps supervisors monitor the performance of employees to assign them with well-suited goals.


One of the more advanced features of Digital HR in terms of goals is, employees can sign off on goals. When the goal is achieved, employees can sign-off the goal with their comments, and a dedicated feedback section enables a 360⁰ open communication between employee and supervisor

Goals distribution shows how goals are spread across the organization or the particular department. With this, supervisors can monitor the overall goal progress at a glance. With the help of Digital HR, goal setting has so many possibilities than you can imagine!

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