Have you thought about displacing HR Technologies used in your enterprise?

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Few years back, the key form of technology that was used in HR organizations was the HRIS, commonly known as HR Software. Back then, HR Software solutions were designed primarily to help HR professionals to streamline the work of HR administration, improve record-keeping, and help organize HR processes. Main objective of these HR software systems was to get employees engage better with HR, by displacing the paper forms developed by HR.

Today, we see a continuous growth in the business landscape. Technology is getting more and more associated with HR. Thus HR software is becoming more important in companies allowing them to better manage people, train and develop and retain the best employees. In its inception, HR software was meant to shift HR organizations from their operational role to a strategic role. HR software was simplifying the onerous HR processes by automating the fundamentals of HR; managing time and attendance, processing employee payroll, maintaining employee profile data, providing Employee self-service facilities etc. Later, it looked at optimizing the strategic perspective of HR such as recruitment, performance management, training and development etc.

Today, the expectations of companies have grown into a whole new level. Employees are expecting HR software solutions to be designed to improve workplace productivity. Microimage HCM is also designed to achieve this purpose. For example, our recruitment software helps online recruitment portal integration, generate comprehensive recruitment requisitions etc. These functionalities offered by the HR software ensure organizations will plan their recruitment process much methodically and source the best talent.
The learning management is also improved with the use of a comprehensive HR software as it will help capturing attendance details of the training session, conduct final training evaluation, enable knowledge sharing etc. Such features will improve the quality if the training sessions conducted by the company. Likewise, the latest HR software solutions have considered many improvements in overall HR functionalities to deliver an engaging HR experience to its users (HR leaders and employees).

Improved features of HRMS will remove the practical difficulties in a traditional HRIS. Companies that are increasingly looking for technological platforms to automate & solidify their HR practices will undoubtedly select such improved HRIS solutions. HR organizations will continuously look for HRIS solutions with consumer-like features that eliminates cumbersome HR experience.

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