HR Leaders… are they coming from “HR” or “BUSINESS”?

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We frequently discuss on how the role of HR should transform from an operational task towards a strategic direction. Today, our focus will be particularly on the HR leaders/ CHROs. What are the traits expected from a CHRO/ any HR leader?

Changes in the macro environment which includes; technological advancements, economic challenges, societal trends etc. have created drastic changes in the business landscape. Therefore, we believe this is the ideal phase for any business leader to understand macro level changes that are affecting the business, thus altering business processes to help an enterprise to be geared to face the challenges and win them.

Who needs to be deeply savvy on these changes? Is it only financial controllers, marketing leaders & strategists? HR leaders, including CHROs also should stay ahead in this processes by updating their knowledge on Macro Level Changes. HR Leaders should be able to interpret how latest tech will support the HR functions and how these technologies will help the business achieve long term objectives and remain competitive.

What is the Specific Understanding that HR professionals should have? They should have an extensive knowledge on how HR platforms support strategic decision making with real time analytics, reports on multiple HR needs. A typical solution that will create this HR environment in an organization is an enterprise class HRIS; a HR software that will help HR professionals automate their tasks and benefit from the advanced tech.

A comprehensive Human Resource Management Software will enable CHROs create business integrated HR processes, thus making HR, a strategically important function in the business.

Are the HR leaders in today’s context deeply savvy on above technology trend we discussed? Is their knowledge adequate to overcome the challenges in the changing business environment? If yes, majority of the CHROs should come from within HR, but research shows that approximately 40% of CHROs are coming from other operations within the business, but not fundamentally from the HR teams.

This means that each HR professionals needs to learn / update knowledge & skills they need, to stay ahead of the curve, to represent the leadership of the organization and support the strategic direction.

Many Changes & Challenges are underway in the HR space! MiHCM, the undisputed Human Resource Management System, invites the future game changers of HR to read our posts… learn more tips on how HR professionals should align their thinking and capabilities & spend few minutes to understand the deliverables of an enterprise class HRIS.

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