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Lately, CHROs and other HR professionals face fierce competition in the business landscape. Every organization demands the HR organization to become a strategic business force that drives profitability in the organization.

Well this is a reasonable demand. The profitability of an organization depends on the quality of the products and services it manufactures. It also depends on the marketing and selling strategies applied by respective teams to sell the products and services. Profitability and the competitive edge of the organization also depends on the quality of support services/ post delivery services offered by the respective teams. Maximising profitability and winning/ maintaining distinctive competitive edge in the market will be a cakewalk, if all of these teams execute the respective processes well. While such teams/ individuals are a definite fact behind the organization success, it is important to think who actually hired such outstanding people to the organization? Its HR department along with the HOD’s who should be commended for that.

If HR hasn’t had a systematic recruitment process and criteria in place, organizations won’t possibly be able to source such talent. Organizations with HR departments which deploys the finest Recruitment Software solutions will have facilities that enables department heads to raise Recruitment Requisitions as soon as they observe a vacancy/ talent gaps. Also it enables to screen applicants to find the best suitable candidate/s for the vacancy. Such initiatives of a recruitment software results in organizations attracting the best talent in the market to their organizations.

Responsibility of recruiting the best talent to the organizations will be an easy victory with comprehensive and systematic Recruitment software, while training them rigorously to fit into the organization processes/ culture and mentoring them to execute the business processes at the expected pace & quality can be done by other components of HRIS such as performance management, learning management etc. HR department can become one of the strongest forces in the organization that drives the profitability goals. Attracting the best talent which will execute each business process to drive profitability will ultimately raise the HR professionals to become “Strategic Business & Profitability Drivers”

We welcome our readers to read and understand the functionalities of our recruitment software and get convinced on the value it delivers to HR and how it helps HR to become a part of the strategists who drive profits into the organization.

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