Reimagined Talent Acquisition with Digital HR

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Talent Acquisition, the task of attracting, sourcing, recruiting and hiring employees is not an easy task to be carried out manually. It requires excellent analysing skills and a diplomatic approach. Digital HR platforms, on the other hand, allows you to systematically shortlist and identify best candidates, so the risk of onboarding mediocre talent is low. Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends in 2017 says, more than 83 percent executives in their recent research have stated that the talent acquisition is important. Leading companies are redesigning their systems to improve their talent analysis and employee profile management. From interviews to onboarding, every process is being digitized and delivered through Digital HR systems. It is vital to follow these trends and keep up the pace of your company if you want to hunt the best talent in today’s competitive talent market. Digital HR solutions provides an end-to-end talent acquisition experience starting from sourcing, candidates and shortlisting them up to onboarding.
Identify your hiring needs
Business leaders cannot always keep up with the hiring and resignations. When need is observed to find talent, HR should be able to raise the recruitment requests, notify internal employees, publish recruitment notices on external job portals and find suitable candidates. This means that the complete manual effort of finding the best candidates should be replaced with an automated solution. The best talent lives in social networks… if our recruitment efforts are not focused on social networks and digital applications. This means our recruitment efforts should be focused on social channels. HR should be capable to announce vacancies on social networks and find best suitable talent. Digital HR solutions promise social recruiting capabilities, enabling HR to find right talent from the right source.
Request for Talent
Requesting for talent subsequent to analysing recruitment needs would be easier with Digital HR platforms. Generating recruitment requisitions can be done via the HR platform and the hassle of filling out countless forms and sheets can finally be ridden of!
Source the best talent
With recruitment functions enabled in digital HR solutions, you can simply publish the job opening on social channels or on a job portal. The additional cost of publishing job advertisements on traditional sources and manually screening applicants will no longer become a hassle.
Plan Your Interviews
Planning/scheduling interviews, informing your applicants on interviews and inviting the interview panels will be completely managed with a digitally enabled recruitment solution. Like we already discussed, a complete recruitment process managed through the HR platform certainly provides a better recruitment experience to HR.
Systematic Onboarding
When all these processes are carried out and the employee is hired, the onboarding process will also be carried out through digitally enabled recruitment model by giving the new employee a unique identification number and a profile. Digital HR can maintain the profile with highly accurate analytics and personal information of the employee till the resignation.  

Written By : MiHCM Reporter

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