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Rising trends in Digital HR you must know about

By : MiHCM Reporter

We are almost at the end of 2018, and we have witnessed a drastic change in the way Digital HR has been used in organisations. A greater focus on employee engagement, enhanced analytics, chatbots, and more of the predicted trends was apparent this year. So what are the rising trends we can predict for the upcoming year? Scroll down if you’re curious.

1. An increase in usage in Cloud Computing

Cloud-based digital HR platforms and integrated Cloud-based applications are becoming more popular every day. The convenience, security and scalability offered by Cloud have changed the way organisations used to operate, and more organisations are transforming from on-premise platforms to Cloud. Another trend is the innovation of Cloud-based applications that can be integrated into Digital HR platforms for higher productivity. For an example, HCM Cloud is now integrated with Enadoc, to manage and store documents conveniently.

2. An intense focus on People Analytics

People Analytics are already in use in many Digital HR platforms, however, it was not given much attention throughout the years. In 2019, it is expected that one of the key priorities will be to develop extensive People Analytics that can measure people data more thoroughly, and faster.

3. Blind recruitment

The days of recruiting candidates by their appearance, behaviour and personality are obsolete. Digital HR will conduct an end-to-end recruitment process where candidates are selected based on their performance rather than on human bias. This gives the opportunity to minimise bias while increasing the diversity of your organisation.

4. Employee wellness programmes

Employee health will play a major role in the Human Capital Management in organisations. In 2019 we will see employee healthcare and wellness apps integrated into Digital HR to provide more support for employees and keep them well engaged.

5. More Artificial Intelligence

AI has played a significant role in the industry of HR this year. Chatbots were introduced, smart search capabilities were enhanced, but now it is time to level up. In 2019, it is expected that Digital HR platforms will be integrated into more AI applications in order to deliver a more satisfactory employee self-service and to step ahead in automation.

With all these trends coming into light, we are eager to see how revolutionary a Digital HR platform can become in the future. Microimage HCM Cloud is working on bringing out the best and latest technology while adhering to the upcoming trends in HR. Read more about Microimage HCM Cloud on


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