Should HR shift its vision towards Digital HR?

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We’ve reached the second half of 2016! With numerous discussions on changing nature of HR and Digital HR technology, we presumed that HR should shift its vision towards transforming its practices from a traditional perspective to a digital era.

We encourage our readers and every HR professionals to evaluate their activity on digital HR during the last six months of 2016. Have we truly leveraged digital?

This blog is dedicated to HR organizations still contemplating the switch to digital and for the ones who have already taken the first few steps in digital HR. Based on every bit we’ve discussed about Digital HR, its observed that strategic objective of HR should now change from handling mundane HR tasks towards creating new roles for every employee, enabling them to train themselves with better learning and development techniques. The new objective of HR professionals should also encompass talent management.

HR organizations have achieved tremendous results in overall core HR processes during the last few years. However, it is important to see how they have progressed in the talent management. According to our previous posts, any HR organization which is encouraged to exploit digital HR would consider moving to an integrated and digitized talent management suite.

We’ve offered HR software solutions and played the role of a HR consultant in the domain for 2 decades. Helping our clients to re-engineer their Human Capital Management efforts have made us realize how personnel management transformed into Human Resource Management, and how Talent Management entered to the picture and how integrated talent management is gaining traction in the enterprise world. Now we witness how digital technology permeates into HR. we guarantee the massive return HR could experience with digitizing their HR and talent management practices.

Digitized talent management will completely redefine the talent acquisition process by enabling social enabled recruitment, performance management with massive social integration, and even a collaborative training and development experience in the HR software suite. Infusion of digital into talent management practices such as performance appraisals will elevate the traditional performance management function to a whole new level. Companies will not have to depend on annual or bi-annual appraisals. Instead, digitized performance management practices will enable on-going appraisals with continuous feedback and recognition.

Traditional, class room style training will be replaced with novel learning experience, where companies would be able to upload learning content on to a learning portal and enable employees learn and assess their knowledge at their convenience. Value of this talent management transformation would be impeccable with the solid user experience delivered by the digital talent management platforms. User experience and interesting user interfaces of next gen digital talent management platforms will simplify talent management and immerse HR organizations, employees and even the C-level in overall talent management process.

HR should realize the importance of talent management to organization in 2016 and future. As digital technology is becoming a key consideration in re-designing the talent management experience, HR will experience an unimaginable return in this space. Hence we encourage all HR professionals and practitioners to rethink their HR objectives and add more preference to talent management and digital HR in this year.

Stay tuned to find out how MiHCM would support this trend!

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