What’s Key for HR in 2016?

Beyond the regular administrative tasks, HR spends lots and lots of time on people management and generating people centric decisions that drive the success of employees and the company.

We believe, 2016 would be year for HR professionals to re-think HR in many perspectives. Keeping this in mind… our blog squad has thought to allocate two posts to discuss what’s more important for HR professionals in 2016 and the critical areas of discussion for HR in 2016! Let’s dive deep!

  • Pipeline of successors needs to be fueled

Data gathered on employee performance is important to decide which employees own the capacity to take the future leadership roles. HR should be able to track employee performance levels on goals and competencies to many other dimensions based on the company policy. Further, HR analytics should support the performance comparison between two employees to ensure the best prospect for a leadership role. Hence, performance management statistics is key for organizations to determine internal prospects for leadership.

  • Refreshing domain knowledge is a must

Refreshing knowledge and gaining insight on new trends are key to any professional in Business. HR is the entity responsible in grooming, mentoring employees to progress. This is why we suggest HR to put particular attention in instigating a learning management system/ practice within the organization. Such systems will foster a learning culture within the company through which every employee will stay abreast in knowledge and expertise required to perform well.

  • Hire the right person!

Does your organization practice one standard recruitment system that includes a clear screening process, interview process to capture candidates’ talent and expertise accurately, and even a consistent communication process to inform selected candidates along with offer letters etc. an organization with strong HR practice should have clear processes for each of the above tasks involved in recruitment.

  • An ENGAGING HR experience!

To see more millennials in the workforce has been our goal throughout. We do see this becoming a reality. We have seen how our clients strive to create an engaging HR experience to HR users as well as for employees and managers. Companies now look for HR systems that offers simplicity, convenience and rich user experience. HR Software solutions that delivers these benefits certainly favour the HR professionals to conveniently and efficiently perform HR functions.

We essentially see these areas need to be thought through by HR. and we hope to carry this to our next post too… stay tuned! Visit microimagehcm.com to explore how HR software lets you optimize People Management!

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