What’s New? Human Capital Management and Digitization!

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Hasn’t HR been the same old attendance tracking & payroll processing function for too long? Human lives are getting disrupted by technology every day and every hour.

Technology keeps revamping the way we do business. E-commerce is pervasive, social media and networking is dominating every individual’s life and businesses are more concerned on data and CXO’s demand every department to have a data driven system to support vital business decisions. Cloud is another key trend which supports business to achieve availability of data, easy reach/ accessibility of data and optimum security of sensitive business intelligence.

Likewise, every entity and personality around us are disrupted with technology, to be precise, its Digital Technology. In this increasingly digitizing landscape, where businesses are considering the application of digital tech to many processes… shouldn’t HR be leveraging this technology? AA recent AON Hewitt report recognizes that HR should harness a Digital Mind-set.

The application of digital technology to HR should start from the employee. The workforce is used to consistent digital experience while engaging with friends and family. They demand the same consumer grade experience at the workplace to engage with their organisations and peers. Hence HR leaders should look at ways to incorporate this expectation into the routine HR practices/ systems.

Digital HR through its SMAC approach (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) is key for today’s HR performance. The seamless interaction and engagement delivered through digital HR practices will help organizations to create a solid employer brand in the minds of employees where employees will stay engaged and loyal to the company throughout the employee life cycle.

Digital HR is not only about bringing technology and mundane HR practices together, it’s a practical approach where organizations will utilize the SMAC to create employee engagement. Let’s explore more;

When organizations incorporate SOCIAL features to performance management, employees will continuously receive feedback from peers and superiors on a regular basis which helps them to stay engaged and aligned with organization goals. Also an interactive learning experience created by the learning management features of digitized HR platforms will help employees access their learning content at their convenience thus dramatically improving learning outcomes.

In short, this is how HR can be improved with digital tech. We will be discussing this further in our future blog posts. We welcome our readers to share their thoughts on comments.

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