Learning Management

Recognise, plan and track employee learning needs.

Identify Training Needs

Analyse and identify employee training needs through:
› Improvement Plans generated via MiHCM Performance Management.
› Training Requisitions escalated by individual employees.
› Training Requisitions escalated by superiors on behalf of employees.
› Integration to 3rd party applications.

Schedule Training

After identifying training needs, efficiently plan and manage training programmes. Dispatch and obtain approval for training proposals, assign participants for training sessions and organise infrastructure.

Better Visibility on employee Participation

Accurately track attendance of participants in training programmes. Determine measures to increase participation based on participation trends.

Assess Impact

Measure learning effectiveness by evaluating your employees subsequent to a training programme. Obtain feedback to improve training and learning experiences.

Training Calendar

Gain access to an elegant company training calendar outlining training programmes scheduled throughout the year.


Promote a culture of sharing via the “transfer of learning” facility which allows employees to share their learning experience with colleagues.

Measure Effectiveness

Conveniently analyse the effectiveness and impact of learning programmes using Learning Analytics.

Learning  Management