Talent Management Challenges will demand a consultative approach to HR in 2014… BE READY!

2014 looks to be a year which would create new opportunities for businesses, it will create a new set of wrenching challenges for HR. Hence we should focus on improving the below to win the challenges in 2014:

  • Create an exciting and flexible work environment
  • Provide people with learning opportunities to progress
  • Stay focused on coaching and development, not only performance

To build this workplace, we have to evolve “integrated talent management”. Companies need to carefully stitch all aspects of HR management without executing selected HR functions. In 2014, we need to consider of all of the elements of talent management as one integrated “system”—each aspect executed together creating the desired workplace in the organization. Companies need to realize that no one HR program stands alone; we need to integrate these elements together to address multiple HR challenges.

For an example, Can “performance management” alone, improve performance, employee motivation and engagement? Our answer would be “NO”. It needs to work together with coaching, career development, learning, feedback, recognition etc. In 2014, we should ensure to make the talent management systems more integrated that will implement all HR aspects effectively to solve talent problems.

HR professionals and vendors have been trying to design integrated talent management solutions during the last few years. Objective of this attempt was to integrate recruiting, learning, performance management, and succession planning etc. Our Talent Management Framework: Microimage HCM (Refer Figure 1) offers the organizations with the entire gamut of HR aspects and shows how these pieces fit together.

Figure 1: MiHCM Modules

Talent Management Challenges will demand a consultative approach to HR in 2014… BE READY! 1

While many companies are still working hard to build and integrate these programs, we saw the importance of having one system to manage talent across the organization. Our HCM suite, comprising of all key HR functions helps companies to use one single system to win their HR and business challenges in a highly productive way.

in 2014 organizations’ objective shouldn’t only be to reorganize or focus on talent management as an important task, rather, a set of integrated practices—each of which fit together into a solution that your company needs. This new approach demands a far more consultative approach to HR.

Companies will need to have strong integration of the ways in which they hire, develop, manage, or train people— forcing companies to revisit all HR practices. Along with the integration of HR aspects, companies will need to train HR personnel to be consultants and drive performance of the overall workforce. Such mentoring will encourage employees to help the company grow to a whole new level.


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