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MiA on Microsoft Teams for MiHCM Lite & Enterprise users

Get reminders on meetings, access your GPT AI knowledge base & recruit new hires easily.

*Don’t have Microsoft Teams? Try GPT MiA on the web.

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At a Glance

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Runs on
Microsoft TeamsTM

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For any business of any size

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Integrated to
MiHCM Lite & Enterprise HR systems

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Assists & notifies on daily work tasks

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GPT AI-powered knowledge base

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Integration to
Office 365 apps

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Analytics & Dashboards

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Monitors employee well-being

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Saves time doing routine HR tasks

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Built to improve employee engagement

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GPT AI-powered knowledge base

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Get more done in less time.

Introducing MiA, the AI virtual assistant for businesses of all sizes. Simplify your workday and get the help you need to become a productive ninja.

MiA for Microsoft Teams integrates seamlessly with MiHCM Lite & Enterprise HRIS system, helping you accomplish your daily HR and work tasks. Ask MiA any company-related questions and get AI-powered answers, thanks to GPT technology.

Features & Benefits

Begin your productive journey.

Daily Reminders & Online Attendance

Turn your busy start into a peaceful day.

Less frenzy, more focus, more you. MiA digital assistant helps you streamline your day and adds clarity to your work life. Embrace the virtual assistance of an on-demand chatbot that manages your HR routine tasks while you focus on the bigger picture.

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Never be late again

MiA reminds you to check in & check out daily & assists you with the whole process. When you clock in, our AI assistant takes in your exact location & records the information on our MiHCM HR software, making it so much easier to keep tabs on employee attendance.

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Change shift times on the go.

Forgot to check in or want to make time attendance adjustments? MiA for Microsoft Teams can assist you in correcting clock-in & clock-out times & sends them directly to your approver.

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Uncover team productivity insights

Receive daily & weekly productivity information. Identify team performance gaps & address issues promptly.

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Never miss out on meetings & tasks

Stay on top of things. Our AI bot sends daily reminders for your upcoming meetings & tasks, syncing seamlessly with Outlook Calendar & Microsoft Planner.

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Timesheets, Leave & more

All your routine HR requests & approvals: Done & Dusted.

Say goodbye to endless emails and tedious form-filling. MiA works with MiHCM Lite & Enterprise HRIS software to push automated workflows, ensuring the right people see the right requests. The result? Faster approvals, happier employees, and more time for what truly matters.

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Enjoy vacation time off without the fuss.

Check the number of leave days, apply for leave requests & keep track of your leave balance through our digital assistant, MiA for Microsoft Teams.

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Approve team leave & requests.

Get instant notifications on leave requests, leave approvals & pending action items. Our online chatbot helps you grant wishes like a genie!

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Wrap up your day with the daily timesheet.

Easily submit your daily HR tasks into our HRIS system through MiA. Add in the hours worked with descriptions & end your day on a high note.

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Book your office space instantly.

Perfect for hybrid workplaces & co-working spaces. Let our AI assistant reserve your workspace for the day you work from office.

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Access payslips in a snap.

MiA provides you with all your pay details conveniently right at your fingertips. MiHCM Lite & Enterprise HRIS software push payslips to MiA, giving every employee easy access to view their salary slip.

Want to know what it's like to have an AI Virtual Assistant?

MiA Recruitment & Onboarding

Meet your future team on MiA.

Streamline your search and land the next rockstars. Our HR software collaborates with MiA to provide a seamless employee experience. View CVs, conduct evaluations, move candidates through stages, and get them onboarded in a click!

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Interview. Shortlist. Repeat.

Screen candidates & view all the essential documents, from applicant info & resumes to portfolios on MiA for Microsoft Teams. Conduct video interviews, complete candidate evaluations, shortlist the best candidates & move them to the next stage in the hiring process.

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Onboard. Integrate. Succeed.

Give your new hires the best employee onboarding experience. Our virtual assistant syncs with MiHCM Lite & Enterprise HR systems to provide a personalised onboarding program with videos, documents & follow-up questionnaires, keeping your employees engaged throughout the process.

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MiA Feelings

Doing good today?

Tiny signals, big impact. MiA Feelings offers a real-time glimpse into your team's mood and needs, giving you insights into the difference between a silent struggle and a timely intervention. Ditch the guesswork and keep your team's well-being humming with the help of MiHCM Lite and Enterprise HR software.

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Happy employees, happy workplace.

Keep tabs on employee well-being each day. Pick out the emotion that resembles the mood & encourage your employees to express how they truly feel. Give your employees the freedom to share their responses anonymously.

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Overall feeling analytics

Unearth employee emotions at work with detailed insights into engagement & emotional movements on our HRM software. Check individual & anonymous responses & understand them through a word cloud displaying the most used words.

Welcome to life with MiA.

Employee Engagement

Get involved to evolve.

Become active participants in shaping the workplace. Our AI assistant empowers your workforce to speak their truth through HR connections and pulse surveys created via the MiHCM Lite & Enterprise HR software. Let’s keep the conversations going!

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Run employee surveys

Turn up the volume on employee voices. Our virtual assistant helps push surveys & provides insights into employee feedback, directly on our HRIS system.

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Connect to HR

Use the Reach HR feature to send & view all ad-hoc requests, convey grievances & make suggestions, all without leaving your desk.

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Get instant event notifications

Don’t forget those special moments! Our AI bot works with our HRIS system to keep you informed of team birthdays & work anniversaries, making it easy to send your wishes.

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GPT AI Knowledge Base

Ask MiA anything about your business.

Any business question - instantly answered. Supported on Microsoft Teams & web, Ask MiA provides you with concise and accurate answers to your business questions, helping you transform your internal information into business breakthroughs!

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Ask anything, get everything

Turn your internal information into a knowledge powerhouse. GPT AI-enabled MiA can process your business data & generate custom information – email text, summaries & more!

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Grant access to what’s essential.

Control permission levels & provide information selectively. Ask MiA provides custom permissions that generate responses to only authorised personnel.

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View query insights.

Get HR analytics on top keywords, number of queries & utilised tags to help drive a more data-empowered organisation.

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