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MiHCM signs on ‘Evia Sign’ with Enadoc

By : MiHCM | Reporter

MiHCM signs on ‘Evia Sign’ with Enadoc - an e-sign solution developed for HR, sales and legal documentation.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, (3rd April 2024) – MiHCM, a global HR tech solution provider announced the integration of ‘Evia Sign’ – a digital signature solution developed by Enadoc, a subsidiary of Tech One Global. 

As more companies shift to digital workplaces, it becomes a necessity to invest in an electronic signature solution to help combat inefficient HR and business processes.  

In today’s competitive landscape, Human Resource departments need to gather information quickly, make decisions faster, and achieve better results in a short period. E-signature applications streamline these processes by enabling efficient document management, rapid approvals, and secure record-keeping across human resources, legal, sales, and personnel. 

“We’ve been exploring different eSign products over the past few years. We chose Enadoc Evia Sign as our first integration adaptor for eSign support in MiHCM as it’s built with strong security, ease, and competitive pricing. With MiHCM Evia Sign integration, our global clients can now see seamless integration of MiHCM documents with eSigning capability,” said Harsha Purasinghe, Chief Executive Officer of MiHCM.  

This e-signature solution will help MiHCM clients significantly improve and streamline their HR document process with easy signature placement on all HR letters in a few clicks. Enadoc Evia Sign ensures compliance, convenience, and security in signing and handling legally binding agreements online, all within the MiHCM HR system.  

Furthermore, this online signature solution aligns with MiHCM’s paperless initiative, supporting a sustainable environment by reducing paper wastage and decreasing costs while saving time, and increasing efficiency and flexibility.  

Evia Sign brings a world of simplicity to MiHCM’s international clientele of over 600 small, medium, and large businesses with 200,000 users across 20+ countries by empowering potential employees, HR professionals and even C-level management to sign documents swiftly. 

“Evia Sign is set to further transform the digital sealing industry through pioneering integration methods for applications. This partnership with MiHCM HRM solution marks an exciting development, granting a vast user base streamlined access to automated hiring and management processes,” said Wasantha Weerakoone, Co-founder/Chief Technology Officer of Enadoc and Chief Operating Officer of Tech One Global. 

“Document management and signing are integral to HR processes in every company. We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with MiHCM, aiming to deliver an integrated employee experience. This collaboration will enable HR practitioners to work more efficiently and effectively,” said Lars Jeppesen, Co-founder/ Chief Executive Officer of Enadoc and Tech One Global. 

Enadoc is a leading technology provider of cloud document and enterprise content management solutions with a mission to help organisations of all sizes shift to digital technologies. Enadoc is a subsidiary of Tech One Global, a leading enterprise digitalisation company and a longstanding partner of MiHCM.  

Since 1995, MiHCM has been helping organisations embrace digital HR and work tech solutions. With a prominent presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand in Southeast Asia, and Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Maldives in South Asia, the company harnesses the power of workplace, workforce, and work data with cloud-based data & AI solutions. MiHCM was recognised as Microsoft ISV partner of the year for 2022 in Malaysia and ISV of the year in South East Asia New Markets in 2019 and 2020. 

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