4 guidelines to Revive HR!

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Table of Contents

1. Revive HR departments to deliver solutions:

As we have analysed many times, businesses should look at how they can redesign HR, concentrating on becoming consultants of talent management to the organizations, rather than focusing on maximising efficiency of administration processes. HR leaders of organizations must become trusted corporate advisors with the fundamental skills to evaluate, consult & justify, and respond to critical business matters.

2. Create business-integrated “HR specialists”:

Our suggestion is to embed HR specialists in key business processes. HR teams manage recruitment, training & development, employee performance reviews, and coaching processes. These are all strategic programs which needs careful planning, coordination and execution. When HR leaders in these areas start putting their efforts and time to closely work with the strategic objectives of the business, their impact becomes helpful to the company success as well as for their professional development.

3. Consolidate HR with strong leadership:

Companies should pay serious attention when recruiting specialists into HR teams. In this, we need to ensure to initiate a rigorous assessment/ interviewing process to screen best of the best candidates for HR to create a solid HR force which will drive talent management across the company. If recruitment for HR is happening internally, it is fundamental to pick and choose the high performers in the organization and assign them for HR… because HR is all about handling the most important asset in the organization: PEOPLE and proper people management will result in long term sustainability and profitability, hence people who involves in implementing this process should be the best leaders in the organization.

4. Make the HR team constantly sharpen their own saw:

Every team leader/ department head/ line manager should be a HR Leader. Such HR leaders of all levels should be enriched with requisite skills and competencies of a true HR manager! These leaders should continuously concentrate on professional development to learn/ sharpen their skills in people management. Top HR performers can become the cornerstone in this effort, to constantly develop competencies such as business acumen, consulting and people management, change management and people analytical skills of aspiring HR leaders.

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