Business Agility and Flexibility through Global HR Software

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Organizations face the challenge of implementing integrated global HR management and talent management practices that accommodate local HR requirements, enabling organizations to expect better business results in emerging markets, leverage local skills, and advance local talent strategies.

Global businesses operating from different regions should look at strategies on how they can process overall HR functions with one single platform, instead of utilizing multiple systems. Hence why, global businesses should have a global HR function. Implementation of HR functions could happen on a global platform. On the other hand, companies could recruit, train, and manage talent locally—reflecting local culture, local labour rules and regulations, and other requirements of diverse local business units.

How do the HR software vendors, or commonly known as HRMS or HRIS vendors facilitate this need? Our HR Software is developed to make the HR operating model flexible enough to support local implementation and agile enough to adapt to local markets and business needs. Microimage HR Software, will help companies establish a HRMS that will execute HR processes of all locations. Research has proven that, many companies have been implementing a global model for HR in order to achieve global cost benefits and efficiency in service delivery. Our experience in the HR Management domain has shown us how this model delivers tremendous benefits to corporates. It helps them save their financial resources, improves service to HODs and employees.

Global companies win their localized HR challenges with local talent management solutions or HR Software solutions. However, adhering to Labour regulations, compensation expectations, workplace culture, and other aspects vary significantly among regions, making it challenging for global companies to manage overall HR functions of different regions with different HR platforms.

Considering these situations and benefits of rolling out an integrated HR software, we suggest global companies to switch to HR Software solutions that can be implemented in multiple locations/ regions to maintain global consistency and standards and drive HR and Business efficiency.

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