Leap forward in Human Capital Management with Digital HR

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We work with our clients to revisit their HR strategies in response to the digital age and workplace disruptions. Like we highlight in many posts, we believe digital HR to be the catalyst for “transformative” change in the modern workplace.
Let’s face it, the Digital revolution can be scary, overwhelming, and sometimes unrealistic depending on your organizational culture. But from what we’re seeing and hearing from our clients, many are realizing that their workforce is demanding this disruption, so our customers are pursuing the leap onto the digital HR trajectory. In this post, we will discuss the performance gaps of HR which indicates how well HR is presently delivering against workforce and leadership expectations. In our future posts we will be discussing the, opportunity gaps, which explains the possibilities organizations could experience with a radical new digital approach.
HR Performance Gaps
Understanding the gaps between current HR delivery and workforce expectations, helps HR to prevent barriers in embracing a digital journey.. To simplify it further—how HR is organized , how you deliver services to your workforce , and what technologies you have pursued can all enable or disturb the leap. HR organizations should address following performance gaps to prepare themselves for the digital leap.
  • HR Operating model—Is the HR’s governance, resource allocation, and talent management strategy receptive to disruptive technology and new business designs
  • HR Service delivery model—Does your HR service delivery model support multi-channel HR service delivery which enables employees to manage routine HR needs on preferred devices/ localized languages?
  • Enabling technology—Does your HR strategy leverage digital digital technologies including social, mobile, analytics and cloud capabilities to provide a consumer grade user experience to every employee in the organization?
Many HR organizations decide to address one or few of these challenges in the near term as the case for change. Yet, in an era where digital disruption continues at a rapid pace, ideally it’s time to discover how to disrupt HR for the digital age and cross over into the realm of “Digital Revolution.” Visit mihcm.com to understand the digital revolution we brought into HR with Microimage HCM Cloud.

Written By : MiHCM Reporter

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