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Payroll Processing… alleviated with HR software

Payroll processing is one of the most vital exercises for the business. Ensuring every employee is accurately compensated while adhering to all government labor rules/ makes this one of the serious and tedious processes.

Having a payroll software with intuitive functionality makes the process much easier for those in-charge of the payroll. Additionally a HR software with a payroll software component should enable employees to access and print pay slips.

While some companies opt for payroll software with limited functionality, large scale organizations (conglomerates) should be able to invest in a comprehensive payroll software to process payrolls of multiple companies, process multi-currency payroll, payroll of different geographical locations etc.

A payroll system with easy-to-use functionality and ability to process all overtime payments, benefit related allowances, attendance related allowances etc. enables HR to manage/process payroll with minimum amount of manual work. Ability to generate user defined custom reports helps the organization maintain records/ submit required reports for audits/ comply with government legislation etc.

These are key areas to consider in your payroll process, if you are intending to shift your payroll practice from a manual process to a much more convenient payroll software.

Payroll software in the Microimage HCM Suite, provides the most advanced payroll features. Further its robust formula handling and extensive component plug-in feature enables fine compatibility to manage complex payroll operations.

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