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Is Digital HR the enormous fast-growing HR trend?

HR is under intense pressure from leadership levels of organizations to make HR, a strategic contributor of the organization.

HR trend observed is to implement new talent management solutions, better the alignment of employees’ goals with business needs and generate valuable HR insights for critical people decisions.

We’ve been studying Human Capital Management and HR technology for more than a decade. Something we saw in the last 12-24 months was a transformation and revolutionary and we believe what we saw would definitely grab lime light in the next few years in the world of HR. what we saw was the emergence of Digital HR! We realized how people apply for jobs through LinkedIN, how sales leads are generated and sales pipelines are managed with comprehensive CRM services, how employee performance is assessed with new mechanisms, new techniques of providing feedback and even managing employee movements have been digitised with new digital platforms.

In our previous posts, we’ve focused on how Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud are becoming imperatives of digital HR. According to recent research, the world has more than 7 billion mobile users. Yet less than 20% of the companies are utilising mobile apps for HR. though 40 % of internet traffic is being generated by mobile apps, HR has not realized this trend to optimize HR functions. Thus HR software vendors have a massive amount of work to develop mobile first HR platforms and help companies to avail of technology.

While social, analytics and cloud are also critical elements of Digital HR (which we have discussed descriptively in our previous posts), another fast growing trend in digital HR is “Focus on Design and Experience”. HR software solutions should deliver a consumer grade user experience which enables end users to conveniently use the system and perform regular and strategic HR functions such as time and attendance, payroll, performance management, monitoring employee movements and goal setting, feedback and recognition.

Easy and simplified user experience assured by the digital HR software helps the new generation employees to manage and complete their HR functions efficiently, accurately and conveniently. HR software vendors should now make sure to pay more attention to integrate digital HR capabilities to their solutions. They should deliver the consumer grade user experience to end users to empower overwhelmed employees working in a complex work environment.

HR software solutions with digital capabilities and improved user experience will help employees to obtain quality HR data for HR and people decisions. We see Digital HR as an accelerating trend that would dramatically improve the HR efficiency… and now is the time for HR to adapt Digital HR. Reach out to MiHCM to find out more!

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