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Disruption of HR with Digitization

In our previous posts, we have discussed how Digitization is changing the way world works. This meant a disruptive transformation in routine workplace operations.

Digital has influenced and will influence the way we manage our work and the way we plan our professional goals on a routine basis.

Our employees now have strong access to many digital devices, which enables them to define their own work experience, sort their priorities etc. Likewise, companies are empowered with technology to analyze workforce data, spot performance and skills gaps, establish experiential training and enable the workforce to outperform. Need for advance technology at the workplace soars every day as the workforce is changing with more Gen-Y employees joining companies. As we already know, this generation is known as the “Generation with fickle minds” who appreciates dynamic, creative and engaging work environment.

How would HR make the best out of this technology to manage the demanding workforce and keep them engaged with the overall organizational missions?

Marketers are becoming customer-focused, financial experts are becoming stakeholder- oriented, like wise HR should reinvent its processes to accommodate the needs of its most valued customers; employees. This means that HR has to become more employee-centric going forward.

To create the desired degree of employee-focus, HR predominantly needs to create the consumer grade HR experience to all employees. HR should ensure every system they use to manage their HR functions would deliver rich experience to all the employees and keep them engaged with their routine responsibilities.

Digital technology plays a key role in driving this agenda of creating a solid user experience to employees. HR systems/ HR software solutions designed with digital technology helps HR organizations to incorporate social and mobile capabilities to the HR functions, which assure an improved user experience. HR Experience of the leadership also would be improved with a broad range of advance workforce analytics facilitated by digital HR platforms.

HR professionals must understand that digitization of HR is not merely automating HR functions, but it is all about incorporating the social, mobile, analytics and cloud capabilities to HR and bringing in other digital-centric features such as continuous feedback, improved data mining and search facilities etc. to HR. HR will become a game changing entity in every organization with the incorporation of these transformative technologies. Digital HR promises to re-position HR as the driver of employee engagement and align the workforce who would be self-motivated to achieve the company mission.

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