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How can we discover the Best and Brightest Talent?

We are reaching the end of 2014 and getting ready to welcome 2015! We have been continuously discussing the cluster of HR, its upcoming trends and buzzwords ever since we kick-started this blog squad.

Enterprises of this growing and fiercely competitive corporate world have reached many milestones, identified and exploited trends. Such movements have pushed companies to change the way they operate/ process their day to day business functions (financial, HR, Marketing, Procurement etc.)… And today, our post is focused on HR and its upcoming buzzwords! Evolution of social media, HCM technologies etc has changed the role of HR department from an operational perspective to a mission-critical phase! HRIS has also evolved into a Dynamic business driver from a static/ paper based repository! This makes us realize that change is inevitable… even in HR.

These changes in the HR domain during the last few months have made the scope of HR global and Enterprise focused. Research has shown that 35% of the workers in the US are working on freelance/ contract basis. This percentage is predicted to be raised to 40%-50%. Hence employees tend to switch jobs and find more opportunities.

This ever changing, fluid talent pool makes it difficult for companies to retain rich talent in companies. Real talent will keep travelling to various countries as no country holds the monopoly on talent.

so where do the best and brightest live? companies need to expand their search to find the best talent scattered across the world. Hence companies need to increase the presence on worldwide networks and social communities and tap into talent sites and forums around the globe. The recruitment module in MiHCM will assist you in this whole recruitment exercise. Explore our recruitment module in the Microimage HCM suite.

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