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HR Software… not only to AUTOMATE… but to ALLEVIATE HR practices

Role of HR Professionals have changed from an administration to Strategic HR. Today, HR leaders are expected to be the contributors of the strategic direction of an organization.

HR should no longer get involved in manually tracking employee attendance, processing payrolls and maintaining employee profiles. Instead their complete attention and effort should be directed towards talent management.

Microimage HCM talent management software is a definite help for HR professionals to win this. Our core HR software helps HR teams to process all operational HR functions through the system while the talent management system favors them to focus on the strategic HR tasks. Hence, we suggest that Microimage HCM core HR automates the operational HR while assisting organizations to alleviate the strategic HR with the TMS (Talent Management System).

HR teams no longer need to allocate their time and efforts to manually record employee profile data, track attendance, process payroll, or maintain leave records etc. Microimage HR software facilitates all of these functions with its Core HR capabilities. It also offers Employee self-service functionality for employees to update their profiles, apply for leave, request shift changes and so forth. This certainly reduces much workload of the HR team.

HR Software also allows organizations handle transfers, promotions, resignations, exit processes and clearing processes. Having the ability to monitor and process employee movements through this software removes a chunk of the manual work involved in generating letters upon movements, filling forms etc. HR can fetch any detail related to employee movements at any given time as data is stored on one system instead of maintaining heaps of files.

When these operational HR tasks are being carefully handled through the HRIS, HR leaders will have a great capacity to focus on strategic HR initiatives such as hiring the right talent, grooming them with effective learning management practices, guiding employees to perform better, pumping more successors to the pipeline of prospective leaders etc. HR professionals should be able to embrace advance technology, social media and other digital technology to perform these strategic HR functions.

They should be able to revamp the recruitment process, with clear and consistent screening processes. More automation should be included to the process where notifying candidates, publishing job advertisements on career portals to other will be automated. Further, they should embrace current technology such as e-learning systems for employee training rather than relying on traditional offline training methods. These will not only keep employees engaged, but make the training culture more versatile in the workplace.

Much improvement is required in performance management practices too. HR professionals should continuously research to understand how they can re-engineer the performance management model in the organization. As we discussed in one of our previous posts, positive and constructive feedback should become an integral part in the performance management system. Also HR should think how they can bring the RECOGNITION into performance management system rather than having to merely assess goals and competencies.

These are few areas of Strategic HR that every HR professional should consider in 2016. We need to understand that HR software not only automates your essential HR processes, but it certainly helps you improve talent centric HR in the organization and position the department is in par with other strategically important departments in the organization.

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