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Successful learning management through Digital HR

Being an employee is an ever-learning process. When you climb the ladder of success, it is important that your learning plays a key role in your work life, as learning provides you with countless opportunities, and lets you become more competitive and efficient, ultimately resulting in the success of your organisation.

Learning management in traditional times was mainly focused on training employees through workshops and seminars. Over the years, employees have grown quite uninterested in these. Also, it was a huge responsibility for the HR department to analyse each and every employee’s training needs. A systemized solution was essential in order to proceed with effective learning management.

We have considered these situations and come up with a solution with Digital HR’s learning management module, to identify employees’ training needs, plan training programmes, measure the effectiveness, assess the outcome etc. all in one platform. This not only gives every employee equal opportunities but also helps the organisations manage and improve employees’ learning skills effectively and efficiently with the minimum time and cost consumed.

Digital HR’s learning management is in perfect synchronisation with its performance management. When every employee is given a set of goals to be achieved, each goal will be assessed by their superiors and a final competency percentage will be allocated. If the employee’s skills are not up to expectations, they will be identified as employees with training needs.

Next, is finding the suitable training programmes for an employee by analysing his performance, and skills he lacks. With the help of organisation leaders, employees will be categorized for various training programmes and the details of these programmes will be obtained through the system. The employee can view his upcoming training and be ready, as well as gain basic knowledge of the programme.

The training calendar is another special feature of the learning management. All the allocated training programmes for employees will be displayed on this calendar. Tracking participation is a necessary process when it comes to learning management. Digital HR will also provide this facility so that business leaders can always keep in check of the employees who are hesitant to attend these training programmes.

Finally, the learning management should be able to assess the outcome of the training done, and measure and analyse if the training was effective for the employees and the organisation. Digital HR provides accurate analytics calculated by analysing the performance improved after the training, and how the employee’s competencies have improved. Superiors can use this analytics to determine if the particular employees need more training if they should be given different tasks, and so on.

Effective learning management can develop the skills of employees, and ultimately the employees will grow, and the organisation will prosper. Also, employees will be happier to be working, as the organisation provides them with learning opportunities and opens new paths for them. Employee engagement will hence be improved. Therefore, one could say that learning management can be the key to making a successful organisation, and a more engaged workforce.

Our HCM Cloud is a digital HR which provides the best learning management system for you. Witness yourself in We will be back with more blogs on how Digital HR can make your day to day HR tasks easier. Stay with us!

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