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Manually managing your employees’ attendance using traditional processes like forms, excel sheets, and emails is difficult. Leave management is beyond merely approving leave. It also encompasses numerous features including verification of company’s leave policies, rules, and individual employee leave balances.   As the headcount increases, the process of maintaining every employee’s record and processing leave while complying with organisation policy becomes complex and time-consuming.   While managing many leave requests manually would result in payroll errors, legal complications, and more. To resolve these challenges of leave management and payroll, you need an advance time & attendance management software that can streamline the complete employee time tracking and leave management processes.   Let’s review a few essential features of an ideal time attendance and leave management system.  

Alignment with the Organisation’s Leave Policy

Every organisation practices its own attendance and leave policy/ procedures. Global organisations’ leave policies and holiday calendars vary depending on the location of the subsidiary/unit/department.   An ultimate time & attendance management system enables HR to configure specific policies pertaining to public holidays, company holidays, half-day calculations, encashment, and other types of leave including casual, medical, and more.   Once the alignment between the organisation’s leave policy and the time & attendance system is configured, the software automatically declines an out-of-the-policy leave request when employees submit their applications, allowing HR and team leaders to concentrate on productive activities. Advanced platforms including MiHCM also allow you to configure department-wise hierarchy to streamline the approval workflow.  

Update Leave Balance

Manually tracking each employee’s leave history and balances to approve their leave requests can be a definite nightmare and lead to many pitfalls.   Therefore, an application is required to display all the past leave applications, allowing both employees and HR/team leaders to check when required. This experience delivers the transparency within the organisation and simplifies the leave management process.  

Seamless Integration

You cannot be sure about the data accuracy of your time & attendance system if it is not capable of seamlessly integrating with other third-party applications/ attendance capturing devices:  
  • Attendance Management System Integration
  A time attendance system that seamlessly integrates allows you to gather data from a biometric device, access cards, or other devices that allow you to track each employee’s attendance accurately. This integration guarantees compliance with the company’s leave policies while reducing the HR department’s efforts involved in the manual processes.  
  • Payroll Software Integration
  While calculating bonus, increments, allowances etc. HR should verify the employee’s leave and any late attendance. Manually checking the leave of each employee within the company is tedious; therefore, HR should leverage a platform that can integrate with the payroll provider to automatically calculate the attendance related costs, while reducing payroll errors.  

Real-time Attendance Analytics

The ideal time & attendance software should generate accurate and powerful attendance analytics to clearly display the data and support HR decisions. With real-time dashboards in-hand, HR and business leaders can analyse workforce attendance and leave patterns precisely. A leave management software solution powered by a mobile application supports both employees and team leaders to maintain their leave conveniently.    

Last but not least

For Small and Medium Businesses, spreadsheets may seem pragmatic and simple for the HR team to manage. But, as the company grows, managing tasks of this nature demands more time. Processes including leave requests/ approvals/rejections while synchronising the leave with payroll can become overwhelming if HR is required to handle these manually.   This is why an advanced time & attendance management platform is required to automate most of these demanding and time-consuming tasks, making it easier for both HR and employees to manage attendance and leave more efficiently. Companies should understand that cloud and digital technology are inevitable and every legacy system should be replaced with this technology; hence, search/shop for a cloud platform that offers the advanced features your HR organisation needs to handle your company’s attendance and leave management processes more effectively.   Connect with today to find out how our platform manages the simplest to the most complex attendance and leave requirements in your business.

Written By : MiHCM Reporter

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