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HR should unlock its potential with Digital HR!

Throughout our blog we’ve discussed how talent has going digital with Digital HR and how digital keeps disrupting the HR and talent management fronts every day.

Job seekers are increasingly using digital channels such as social media, mobile apps and devices to search for jobs. Research shows that 40% of potential workforce has abandon using JOB apps which are not mobile friendly. Social media channels are gaining traction by helping companies for branding, advertising and even recruiting. Many businesses are using these channels to gain and showcase client reviews on their products and services. Not only are job seekers, businesses… unemployed people to students to many other segments using at least one digital service for routine tasks.

In this intensely digital savvy world, few business processes are still lagging in the use of digital. Human Capital Management is one of such functions. HR is merely using social channels to find the best talent to organizations. Mobile optimized job application processes are still being implemented. Digital technologies are bringing many benefits to HR functions.

Digital HR is not only involving social, mobile, cloud and analytical capabilities to HR. it’s about enriching the user experience delivered to overall stakeholders. Further it has to offer futuristic features and functionality that would help HR to become a strategically important entity in the business. Workforce analytics improved with the digitization should enable HR to provide faster and comprehensive information to the management which expedites the entire decision making process.

HR can unlock its true potential by simplifying a variety of complex HR functions such as creating complex workflows in simple ways, configuring essential business rules much conveniently etc. Digital HR software solutions designed and delivered on cloud would ease the deployment process. HR does not have to spend time unnecessarily like in on-premise hosting. A cloud HR solution is a quick deployment where companies can obtain software updates swiftly at zero cost.

Why is digitization held back in your organization? Is it due to infrastructure challenges? Or is it a perception issue? We are happy to help demystify any myths on cloud and digitization. For an example, Microimage Digital HR software solution is hosted on Microsoft Azure which assures Privacy, Productivity and Performance, so why fear about data security? … and as we revealed, a cloud deployment does not create any infrastructure issue/expense to the organization but offers a clear solution to it.

We’d like to share more on how digital HR software would help HR unlock their potential. Do get in touch with us to discover and please do give your comments and reviews.

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