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What’s Next? HR on Papers or HRTech?

We came across some interesting research findings of Starr Conspiracy Intelligence 2015. Their recent infographic developed on Hottest HR Technology Solutions 2015 reveals;

“Regardless of company size, performance management solutions rank high. Companies with 100-999 employees and those with over 1000 employees also share a need for HR analytics, while those with 100-999 employees and those with under 100 employees also say they plan to by core HR/ HRIS Solutions”

These research findings state, irrespective of the job category or demographical diversity of workforce, companies are increasingly looking for HR technology support that will help them accelerate employee engagement with company goals and objectives. Their need is rising to deploy suitable HR technology solutions for performance management, employee engagement, and learning and HR analytics.

This shows that technology has helped HR leaders make incremental improvements by automating functions and adding HR capabilities to the tech platforms. Based on these findings, we could predict that upcoming HR technology will change the way work gets done and how HR supports work. Evolution of HR Tech platforms will radically transform the operational role of HR towards a strategic arena.

What do these research findings trigger??? It indicates that HR practitioners should be prepared to embrace technology actively. 57% of companies (based on recent research) is already planning on purchasing HR systems to process core HR functions. Taking this demand into considerations, HR platforms are looking for ways to support companies on optimizing even the strategic HR functions. Research also has proven that performance management, learning management, HR analytics, employee engagement measurements are among the Hot HR Solutions in 2015.

Convergence of technology and HR is becoming a trend to deliver awaited results for HR departments. HR departments will be positioned as a strategic contributor in the organization. They will have more strength in terms of knowledge in talent management to stand toe-to-toe with C-Level management and assist top level decision making process.

These trends surely act as the wakeup call for HR practitioners to consider making improvements to their prevailing HR systems. It’s high time they study #hrtech more aggressively and capitalize on executing this imperative; “Automating HR Processes”!

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