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Digital HR grants a path towards the future

“If we fail to adapt, we fail to move forward” – James Wooden

Adaptation has become the new reality in the uncertain business world. The HR department can no longer proceed in their traditional methods of routine tasks while digital disruption occurs every day, rapidly. The HR should be more strategic to adapt and improve their way through the digital age.

The Digital HR platforms have provided the opportunity to collect HR analytics to give the business leaders a guide they need for the future. The focus of HR has shifted to Talent management from the operational HR management era where HR now has to support the strategic direction of the organisation by hiring best talent in the market and retaining them with a good talent management practice. HR is no longer the department that only tracks employee attendance and processes payroll at the end of the month. They should pay much attention to managing employees’ performance, training and mentoring and even rolling out a good succession plan for the organisation. Fundamentally, HR should become a unit which helps the organisation to maintain a funnel of rich talent who efficiently contributes to the organisation’s ultimate business goal.

Technology helps the HR department to maintain agility. It has evolved to a turning point where the HR functions can all be handled in one system, digitally. A new breed of HR platforms is emerging to help HR become these transformative leaders in the organisation. These HR platforms are powered by the key digital forces including cloud, mobile, social and analytics. Why are the HR software solutions getting reinvented with these technologies? These platforms will no longer be used only by HR departments. The new HR solutions will be designed for every stakeholder in the organisation from your C-level executives to the operational level employees. Business leaders can use HR analytics to decide best performers, understand the effectiveness of employee training efforts and talent acquisitions. Your workforce at all levels will have fabulous ideas on streamlining and optimizing various processes in the organisation. Find out these trending ideas and mostly spoken ideas through pulse surveys in a digital HR platform.

Beyond the insights provided by digital HR for better decision making, HR can improve its efficiency to a whole new level with these platforms. In the old days, when your management needs to find out historical information about an employee, HR needs to go through numerous files and records to capture the employee’s life cycle in the organisation. Digital HR saves your trouble by maintaining all historical details of an employee on one single system. You can view the complete life cycle of any employee. Team leaders base fast people decisions on such conveniently gathered information.

Ultimately, the most imperative action HR should be taking in this rapidly evolving digital era is that ensuring the employees are provided with the right skills and tools to perform in the digital age and analyze the data to make prudent people decisions. These changes in your organisation should take place as soon as possible as the technology itself is disrupting on a regular basis. By planning and adapting to the changing technology, organisations can face the future in a strategical and sensible way.

Our Digital HR Platform, the HCM Cloud can ensure that your organisation is up-to-date.

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