Does your Appraisal assess only Goals?

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Performance appraisals… one of the most painful activities for HR organizations, team leaders and employees. This painful exercise becomes a waste if it does not encompass all essential dimensions of performance assessment.

Does your performance appraisal look at assessing only the performance on goals? What are the other dimensions it considers? Today, we will look at 2 key dimensions a performance appraisal should look at along with 2 additional dimensions which certainly adds color to your appraisal and makes it complete!

Goal assessment and competency assessment are 2 fundamental components in your performance appraisal which basically evaluates every employee’s performance in given goals/KPIs/KRAs. Here employers should be able to set goals, assess employee performance and even to have a discussion with the respective employee to agree on given performance ratings before signing off the process.

Ideal HR software with a performance management software component will enable overviews of department performance, where leadership roles could monitor the performance levels of departments.

Competency assessment is the second critical aspect of the performance appraisal. HR software systems that include the competency assessments will allow organizations to define competencies and ability to assess/ ensure employees have achieved expected levels of competencies.

Microimage HCM HR software solution includes a performance management software component, including both goal and competency assessment abilities. Additionally it allows the assessment of Accomplishments and practice of company Culture/ Values.

It is important to have such additional dimensions also included to the performance appraisal (based on the company policy) to obtain a complete performance appraisal that assesses an employee is in line with every perspective critical to the organization.

The ultimate performance summary will also provide clues to the HR or team leaders on which employees should be further trained. And the performance management system will include facilitates to notify such training requirements.

Explore performance management features on Microimage Performance Management Software. We invite our readers to share the various dimensions they include in to their performance appraisals to obtain a complete outcome!

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