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Welcoming your candidates into the organisation is one of the most important tasks. Why? The first impression always matters, and it depends on how you welcome your new recruits to the organisation.

After a successful recruitment process and the candidates are selected, the onboarding process takes place. This is when the candidates will have to participate in inductions, be introduced to the organisation’s values, and be introduced to his/her team. What if we told you that you do not have to carry out all these processes manually? That’s right. MiHCM gives you the benefit of carrying out a fully automated onboarding process.

So how does it work? MiHCM’s onboarding module has a set of functions that suits all your onboarding needs. You can set tasks that should be done before the onboarding (pre-tasks), for an example, presenting the certificates of qualifications, and filling out the candidate’s information. Tasks that must be completed after the candidate is successfully onboard (post-tasks) can also be assigned through MiHCM. This includes being able to watch a video about the organization within the system itself, read the company values, etc. The progress of these tasks can be monitored in real-time, which makes your work life even more easier.

In addition to these, multiple self-service facilities such as employee profile, letter builders, attendance management can also be provided to the candidates, through onboarding self-service, or employee self-service. Creating an engaging workforce is a challenge in the digitally evolving era. With MiHCM, you can set the foundation for a more engaging workforce from the recruitment level. Explore MiHCM to discover its coolest features. Visit

Written By : MiHCM Reporter

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